Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hard Decision

Still I remember the day you became mine. It was in the late evening on September 5th 2006. I never thought you would become mine, though I admit I was dreaming about you. I am sure it’s my friend manoj who told me about you and introduced you to me. When I was introduced to you I was not in a position to even look at you but I was looking for someone new.

Time passed and my interest towards you started getting increased and finally I was ready to accept you. it was me  who decided and chose you. I had to prepare myself before you became mine and I was mentally prepared for the financial burden I was going to face.

The day you became mine was my friend’s birthday. I still remember that I used to get something on her birthday. It has been three years three months and eight days since our relationship started and we have been together from all my best moments to worst moments of life. After you came to me, I never thought about anyone other than you. You never hesitated to share with me any good, bad, trivial things without worrying about how I would take it.

We came across lot of fights, sometimes you won and created some financial burdens to me but made sure those burdens gave me very good time. I admit I have beaten you to near death many times, misused you, tortured you like anything, but u have never failed me. Time has passed, we are becoming older and sometimes we feel bored to do the same thing or to be with the same person and especially it is hard for me with my character. For a guy who gets bored to everything soon, three years and three months is a great period. Actually you have really beat my character - yes, I don’t want to leave you. You are never boring to me, you are still interesting. I know all those tortures I gave you might have changed you like this.

Its not your age but its me who did all this to you and now its not you who is not helping me - Its me who made you incapable to help me.  You always know my love towards you, you were kind enough to me always till now, but I understand you are not able to be like you had been three years before.

I never cared about what your parents named you but to my entire my life you have always been my pretty petty. 14th December 2009 - it was the day I decided not to torture you anymore, and to set you free. Even though I cannot continue to be with you, I don’t want to hurt you anymore. I decided to start another relationship with someone new but it doesn’t mean that my love towards you has shrunk.

I still love you my W700i, I miss you so much.

My new love is LG KP500, welcome home my dear 500.


Karthik said...

at first i thought it was your car..:)

still this is too much!! :)))

DHANS said...

hi karthik

:) but i love my car more than my mobile. i hope i will not write this kind of it again for my car.

i dont think this is too much, my phone deserves a lot but i didnt gave it.

Karthik said...

no no.. i was joking.. :)

in a way, even me too sometimes feel very close to things like this than i do with people in my life.. with so much selfishness around its getting touhger by the day to find really nice people.. i think we can be lil more lovable to these gadgets eventhough they are lifeless.. :)

DHANS said...

i know u r joking

yeah i was not like this before and past five years i have been adicted to my gadgets a little.

ச.பிரேம்குமார் said...

Well, me too thought it was your car :-)

DHANS said...

ha ha its a double blow then....

padma said...

good post
liked it

DHANS said...

@ padma

thanks :)