Friday, May 16, 2008

Fountain head

நான் படிச்சா முதல் ஆங்கில நாவல் fountain head. நான் எழுதின review இது. கொஞ்ச நாள் முன்னாடி எழுதினது போஸ்ட் பண்ணினா நல்லார்க்கும்னு தோணிச்சு அதான்.

Fountain head is a novel by ayn rand। I have got this one from one of my friends।

It explores the life of an architect. He chooses to struggle his life rather than compromise his own vision in the Architectural field.

His vision, idea about the modern architecture is different from other students in the university. He is been expelled from the university for refuse to abide the outdated traditions.

He never wants to compromise anything which costs his egotism, his own life. He wants to live his life not to give up or compromise for any other.

He struggled to exist in his field of work even he has to close his office and finally he gets his reputation after having a long struggle.

There are five main characters in the novel, Howard Roark the hero, Keating student who studied with Roark in university and toohey who is a collectivist, Dominique the heroin and wynand the powerful newspaper emperor who rose from a very poor family like Roark.

Each and every one in the novel has different characters and they stood with it till the end.

The novel is trying to tell something which I later find it as objectivism. I don’t know much about objectivism but I am trying to know what objectivism is.

I wanted to give you a brief review about the book; but I don’t know what a review is. If I try to give more than this then it will be a bunch of lines trying to say something which you already know.

How ever this novel ignites something with me and I hope it must be continued further.

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